Google Adwords is a term we hear more and more frequently, but a lot of people don’t know why Port Orange Google Adwords are important to their business website, or how to manage them. That’s where we come in! We are your Port Orange Google AdWords experts, and we want to take the confusion out of Port Orange Google AdWords, as well as create and manage your AdWords marketing plan.

For starter, let’s clarify why Port Orange Google AdWords are. When someone types a search term into Google, paid advertisements are displayed at the top and bottom of the search results page. Keep in mind these Port Orange Google AdWords results are NOT what are included in the search results in between, as these results are organic. It’s easy to distinguish the Port Orange Google AdWords results from the organic results because they are differentiated with an “Ad” label, whereas the organic search results are not.

Why Do Port Orange Google AdWords Show up in Search Results?

Port Orange Google AdWords are an auction that revolve around keywords. The keywords are selected by the companies that are doing the advertising. These companies select the keywords that are most closely related to the services they provide, as well as how people are going to type the inquiry into Google. Once the keywords have been selected, the auction begins and the advertisers place bids. The bid amount is based off of how much Google will get paid each time someone clicks on the Port Orange Google AdWords result. Each time the paid search result is clicked, the advertiser pay Google, hence the term “Pay-Per-Click”

More about the Port Orange Google AdWords Auction

We just learned how the Port Orange Google AdWords auction functions, but what we haven’t yet discussed is how the “winner” of the auction comes out on top. In order for your paid Google ad to appear when your audience searches for the keywords that match your business, your Quality Score and the amount that you bid need to be optimized. When your Quality Score is top notch and the amount of your bid is targeted, your ad is going to be positioned at the top of the paid ad search results. You must also keep in mind that your Port Orange Google AdWords ad must be relevant to the search term, the keyword, and the landing page of the ad.

Are you ready to optimize your Port Orange Google AdWords? We want to talk to you about how we can create and maintain a highly effective Port Orange Google AdWords campaign to take your business website to the next level. We can work with any budget, and our experienced Port Orange Google AdWords team is ready to deliver you proven results!